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Attitude in the form of a text message.
the K bomb. one word answer of K.

Michael: are you mad at me?
Sean: no < textitude
#sexting #texting #meantext #brohatertext #kbombtext
by ForeverBoy4491 September 17, 2009
the manner or disposition of somebody's text messaging.
Michelle's textitude indicated that the red river was flowing so I avoided her all night.
#text #attitude #tone #disposition #pissy
by Skater2914 September 13, 2007
Meaning the attitude people give you while texting.
Cassie: Well I would like for you to go
Dane: Whatever.
Cassie: Lose your textitude!
#text #attitude #textitude #rude #snappy
by ITakePeekshurs May 24, 2009
giving "attitude" via text message by responding with as few words, or letters, as it takes to answer to a question, making the individual asking the questions inquire why you have an "attitude".
"Did you text Ashley to see if she is coming?"

"Yeah, but she kept giving one letter answers. I don't know what her problem is but she seemed to have a real text-i-tude problem....."
#attitude #demeanor #pissy #pouting #and grumpy
by Goofer9 October 19, 2011
A text message that contains condescending, negative or rude context of words that insinuates the sender is talking down to you or belittling you.

Throwing a diss at you through text message.

A text message that gives an impression that the sender is giving you an attitude.

Hinting to you through a text message that they are mad or annoyed with you.

Using inappropriate phrases such as the ones below to discourage the persons participation through text message.

" Shut up" " That was a slutty thing you did"

"Whatever" " you know how to read? Read the last text again..."
"Ya no shit, you didn't realize what you accidentally sent me"

"Are you coming or what???"

"Oh that fucked up!"
"Hurry your ass up!"

when a person uses certain negative comments applying that they are degrading your intelligence of comprehending a conversation with them through text message.
I just got a text from Kevin. He's giving me all this textitude for no reason.

Man, my girl just sent me a load of textitude for not hanging out with her last night.

Dave is blowing up my phone with all this textitude cuz I didn't reply fast enough.
#rudetexting #textdiss #belittling #negative #attitude
by *Asia Perez* November 17, 2014
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