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Attitude in the form of a text message.
the K bomb. one word answer of K.

Michael: are you mad at me?
Sean: no < textitude
by ForeverBoy4491 September 17, 2009
the manner or disposition of somebody's text messaging.
Michelle's textitude indicated that the red river was flowing so I avoided her all night.
by Skater2914 September 13, 2007
Meaning the attitude people give you while texting.
Cassie: Well I would like for you to go
Dane: Whatever.
Cassie: Lose your textitude!
by ITakePeekshurs May 24, 2009
giving "attitude" via text message by responding with as few words, or letters, as it takes to answer to a question, making the individual asking the questions inquire why you have an "attitude".
"Did you text Ashley to see if she is coming?"

"Yeah, but she kept giving one letter answers. I don't know what her problem is but she seemed to have a real text-i-tude problem....."
by Goofer9 October 19, 2011