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A condition in which you text a friend and unknowingly forget a couple words in the messages repeatedly because you were sitting/standing next to a beautiful woman, thought you typed the words already, were listening to dubstep, or are a titanic idiot.
Texter 1: I lied earlier, I listened to a mess phat dubstep! Then I went store and grabbed a shit-ton of chips! Nomnom :&

Texter 2: ??? That's the fourteen message in a row where you have forgotten some words cause these messages barely make sense.

Texter 1: I haven't been forgetting words. (Checks through sent messages)
Texter 1: Oh shit. I think have Textinheimer's!

Texter 2: Yeah you really do. Have fun!!
by Collin used to be BALLIN April 21, 2011
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