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besties (best friends) who send each other an obscene amount of text messages and quite possibly communicate more often via text than in person or over the phone
Scott and I are texties, so we can talk about our friends while they're in the same room without them ever knowing!
by moumou July 07, 2009
Refers to people who don't have the balls to tell you something face to face so they text you instead.
People are considered texties when they break up with significant others via text and not in person.
by teezy22 September 30, 2009
1.) an informal yet popular word for the phase 'text message' often used in casual conversations, between friends and family.
'I'll get on the texties later tonight'
by Why_not? October 07, 2008
Short pieces of text, usually found on a website.
"This site is down"
"Leave the peas"
by Jon January 19, 2005
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