When two people who hook up text back and forth trying to get the other person to invite them over.
Me and my fuck buddy got into a textican standoff that went on too long and then she said she was too tired to hook up.
by nat100 October 31, 2010
Top Definition
This is when two parties (most often a couple) find themselves in a heightened state of readiness whereby both eagerly await a text message from one another while each is simultaneously unwilling to send one. Often, the first to cave is perceived as being a weak, ineffectual, or submissive.

bystander one:
wow, have they been like this all day?

bystander two:
Yes, each of them is poised to hit send...but...well, you know...

bystander one:
Sí, Sí. They've got themselves a Textican Standoff.
by Saint Scams August 07, 2007
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