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When two people who hook up text back and forth trying to get the other person to invite them over.
Me and my fuck buddy got into a textican standoff that went on too long and then she said she was too tired to hook up.
by nat100 October 31, 2010
This is when two parties (most often a couple) find themselves in a heightened state of readiness whereby both eagerly await a text message from one another while each is simultaneously unwilling to send one. Often, the first to cave is perceived as being a weak, ineffectual, or submissive.

bystander one:
wow, have they been like this all day?

bystander two:
Yes, each of them is poised to hit send...but...well, you know...

bystander one:
Sí, Sí. They've got themselves a Textican Standoff.
by Saint Scams August 07, 2007