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When you fail to look at your phone (due to sleeping, being occupied, being intoxicated, etc.) for a long time and the number of text messages you receive backs up greatly from your lack of response. This results in spending a long time answering your texts.
"Dude, did you get my message?"
"Nah, man. I passed out last night and now I'm super textapated."
by amvanstan July 25, 2014
(Text-a-pate, Text-a-pa-tion) The inability to send coherent text messages before the SMS character limit is reached.

Text from Linda to Dave: Hi Dave. I was thinking. maybe we should go see a movie like we almost did the other night. Laugh On Line! So , perhaps we should see The

Dave Replies : WTF? Textapated?
by GFeet March 14, 2009
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