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The euphoria you experience from an abundance of excellent texts that turn you on.
Omg im on textacy from the last two texts my girlfriend sent me.
by sunshineCOW September 02, 2008
61 19
The euphoria you get from a barrage of excellent and meaningful text messages.
Robin went into a state of textacy while texting Raf about going 10-0.
by sunshineRANGER September 01, 2008
28 17
Having or pertaining to an orgasm during a heated text sex conversation
Chelsea and Shannon were in textacy after 20 minutes of conversation.
by StraightGuy January 13, 2009
6 11
The infatuation with texting, to the point where you ignore conversations and other people and focus soley on the art of text.
Dude, come out of that state of textacy and take this shot
by Innoculous September 03, 2008
4 25
Getting an adrenaline rush from conversing with another through the form of text messaging
Josh: Yo man, why you so happy, just a second ago you was all up in my face talkin' bout you goin' hurt me.

Andrew: Oh fah real? My bad dawg, I am on some Textacy, my fingers is just flyin' off of dis keypad. And now i got that positive outlook on life, naw whud i'm sayn?

Josh: Ooooh, word is bond, I needa get me some of that. Send me a message B

Andrew: Aight son
by BigO32 August 01, 2008
1 23
the act of using text to amuse oneself like a drug
I cant get off of my phone, I have a severe addiction to textacy
by SethE July 23, 2008
1 24