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Anyone who uses text acronyms in real life when talking to another person.
Jake: Did you hear about the new horror movie coming out next week?

Darryl: OMG, I wanna see that movie so bad!

Jake: wow, you're such a text-talker.
by Katoosh September 06, 2009
An individual who is still in text mode when writing emails or letters. They write everything abbreviated as most people do in text messages but they continue to abbreviate everything even when not phone texting. This is out of habit but for some its just sheer laziness.
Dear Laurie,

How R U 2day? I hope all is well with U! I can't w8 4 spring break so I can come 2 Florida 2 visit U! Do U think the plane ticket will be Xpensive? Thanks 4 letting me stay in your beach house! I will write U l8ter....

Luv U,


P.S. Sorry I am a text talker...I'm just so use to texting on the phone so now when I write letters its just habit for me to abbreviate everything. LOL!
by fsulaurie February 04, 2010

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