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1. A "Texto-motive" is what a "Chain texter" drives to and from here and there. They THINK it is just another mobile device to be used to get a signal for texting. It is really a car, a truck, an SUV, a Semi, a Humvee, whatever... But they are so much of a text addict that they think of it as only another place to text.

2. "Text-o-mobiles" are the equivalent to a text-o-motive vehicle.
1. Man! If you paid as much attention to your driving as you do to your darn phone, your points wouldnt cost you so much per car insurance payment, b/c you wouldnt have so many accidents - you "Text addict'!

2. The lady in the left lane sat there FOREVER when there was a green arrow, no matter how much people were honking at her; she thought she owned a "Text-o-motive", or something. How annoying! My wife wanted to get out and give her a proper beat down!
#text #texting #text-o-mobile #text freak #text addict #car accident #dumb driver
by IrishDaddy2U April 14, 2010
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