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the sport of sending out casual text messages to a series of people you would like to hook-up with in rapid succession. The idea is to stimulate a meaningful response, known as a bite, from one or more of them in hopes of catalyzing intimate relations.
"Damn Doug... You sure been texting a lot! You got a girlfriend or something???"

"Nah... I'm just text-fishing. Hold on! I got a bite!!!"
by RanchStud April 21, 2008
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Texting multiple people, like casting multiple fishing lines, waiting to see who responds. Usually done when in moderate to extreme levels of boredom, or to procrastinate in some way.
Person #1: Hey

Person #2: Hey, how's things? How's the family? What've you been up too?

Person#1: No offense, but I'm not really trying to have a serious conversation. I was just text-fishing you.

Person #2: Oh,ok...
by Thatguyinthebusheslookingatyou March 19, 2014
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