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Someone owning a cellular device that knows how to retrieve and read text messages, but lacks the ability to send text messages.
A - I sent Bob a text the other day and he called me to answer my question.
B - That's because he's a text tard.
by lifeduzt May 28, 2010
Someone who stops in the middle of an isle to text
I was shopping the other day, and could not believe all the people standing in the middle of the aisles texting...blocking the way for us shoppers. They are such Text Tards
by Text Tards November 25, 2008
one who is incompetent or extremely slow in texting
my mom is really a text tard. she is so slow at texting.
by lane dittoe December 11, 2008
Someone who has no texting abilities. They are either incredibly lame, slow, don't know the abbreviations used in texting, or don't get back with you.
I was texting Joe the other day, he's such a texttard, I just had to let that one go.
by youtoseemee May 25, 2011
One who struggles to impart a specific message or conversation using the text medium.
What the fuck does that mean? How many times do you need shown you fucking texttard ?
by Charlie Tully March 14, 2014
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