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two people who only seem to be friends while text messaging. When one attempts to talk to the other in a public place, the other person acts like they don't know the other, or as casual friends.
*text message*
Corin: Hey! are you going to the party on Saturday? we should totally hang out!

James: OK, sweet can't wait to see you there!

*at party*

James to Corin: hey hows it going?

Corin: oh hey....(turns around and talks to another person.

*Dudes across the room*
Awww poor James she only wants to be Text friends
by jkmiii June 09, 2010
a friend that you no longer see in person who has not moved away, and only communicate via text txt message.
Yeah I havent seen Will in months but he's still my textfriend.
by raeyeofthesun December 27, 2010