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Person with lots of book learning but little practical experience or knowledge. A pedant.

From the Beatles' song "I Am the Walrus".
"Expert, texpert, choking smoker, don't you hear the joker laugh at you?"
by Jasper Ferg March 05, 2011
Correct spelling of phrase created by 82ASK to denote the researchers on their service. Highjacked and incorrectly spelt "textpert" by poorer text-message question answering services.
"AQA are so much better than 82ASK!"
"No they aren't - they make stuff up, charge you even if they can't answer and on top of everything they can't even spell 'Texpert' properly!"
by Nelson De La Rosa September 11, 2006
Someone who can touch-text proficiently.
"Sure I can text while I am driving - I am a texpert." -- famous last words.
by mikey3256 April 16, 2014
Someone you meet in 2D-land that knows everything....

(A word I came up with today, to describe a real smartarse on a forum I mod at.)
That <insert username here> is a real texpert. He thinks he knows everything..
by Sunnyday January 17, 2005
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