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Also known as the long horn state, and doubling for garneshments due to the government anually.
Damn Billy Bob! These here texes are goin up evry' year! Wanna go to texes?
by kevin March 25, 2004
Sexual intercourse but only using your feet against another's feet. (There may be some variations)
Joe rubbed his foot vigorously against Marie's, teasing her and initiating texual intercourse.

Sex is only foreplay for tex.

I texed her up last night, she'll be walking funny for a week.
by Tex you up November 01, 2004
Tex, v. & n. A written message transmitted via SMS on a mobile phone. To send a written message via SMS on a mobile phone.
ME: I will tex you the details later
ME: Did you receive my tex?
YOU: Yes your tex arrived and I ignored it
by Tommy Tenshunts September 04, 2004