The act of finding an old man whose nut sack hangs very low and giving him a large amount of Viagra in order to make his penis erect. Once erect, slap his nut sack and see how many times his nut sack will wrap around his own penis. Whoever gets the most wrap arounds wins.
Hey do you wanna play Tether ball after school?
Yeah sure!!! But whose grandpa will we use?
by kwlab April 01, 2011
Top Definition
1. A single testicle, akin to a uniball. The result is reminiscent of the children's game: A single ball tied to a pole.

2. The term can also be used to describe someone with this condition.

To cause someone to lose one of two testicles.

1. Since Josh has a tetherball, his sperm count isn't as high as the average man's. But his biking has really improved.

2. "Yo Tetherball, you probably shouldn't go to the spermbank with us: You need to hold onto what you've got.... Plus, no one wants a baby with one nugget."


"Oh damn, I think that girl just tetherballed me with that kick!"
by drotic October 06, 2009
when older men develop saggy balls.
"Wow George, Your tetherballs are hanging lower than ever!"
by Sexappeal Leal August 17, 2007
A tether ball is what you call a girl who keeps coming back after you fuck her.
Bob: who do you keep texting?

Cody: ugh. that girl trina. Every time i hit her she keeps coming back to me

Bob: she's such a tether ball
by Lukeyboy3 May 23, 2014
Tetherballs: A sexual action between two opposing players consisting of a stationary penis and a testicle(s). The objective is to strike the testicle(s) (clockwise or counter clockwise) until the "ball(s)" winds all the way around the pole and comes to a complete stop.
Jesse: Hey Chris remember that hot hore from the gym? The one with the nice ass?
Chris: Yeah.
Jesse: Well, I got her to play tetherballs. I let her win cause she's a girl...What are you doing later today?
by Pope Bentdick LXIX August 04, 2010
when you date an old man and he has saggy balls. then you have to play with them to make the old man come like he did when he was twenty.
"randall has the most disgusting tetherballs, they are hairy and stinky and moldy and i hate sucking him off, i only do it because he is my sugar dada."
by sexappeal leal December 28, 2007
When one man takes his penis and hits the ballsack of another man and tries to wrap the ballsack around his penis. They take turns and the first to wrap it is the winner
The two blatantly gay men went to play tetherball in the bathroom. The game ended quickly as the one with the sunglasses wrapped it on the first try
by Jtoll October 20, 2009
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