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TestosterPWN: Man's default-and only-emotion. Men are always full of TestosterPWN; sometimes for good reason; and sometimes for no reason at all. Not to be confused with PheraPWN, which is what women become once a month any time you want to play games, or when you want to have sex, which happens to be 100% of the time.
Jason is surging with TestosterPWN!
by Katoh-matay January 04, 2010
1. When someone is more masculine than someone else, thus "pwning" them with their masculinity/testosterone.'

2. When someone is in contact with more males than someone else.
1. Boy 1: "My little sister can throw a football much farther than I can."
Boy 2: "Sounds like she just testoster-pwned you."

2. Girl 1: "Going to an all-girls school can be so boring. My friend in public school has so many more guy friends!"
Girl 2: "Well, you've just been testoster-pwned."
by jamazinggg September 29, 2009
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