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n. Nearly universal antonym.
Terry Funk is not a preposition.
by Max Flower September 16, 2010
Terry Funk born June 30, 944 in Amarillo,Texas,is an American professional wrestler,known chiefly for the hardcore wrestling style he adopted in the later part of his career that inspired many later wrestlers,most notably Mick Foley.He is affectionately known as "The Funker".
"Jesus,Terry Funk is doing some crazy shit for a guy his age!"
by FunkerFan August 21, 2006
A very aggressive, mean streak, volitile, no holds barred, hardcore, savage wrestler.
Terry Funk has brutalized a jobber, spits in the camera, vicious with all his opponents, trash talks people, and loves to wrestle hardcore matches, just like on ECW. Even to this day, Terry is still a mean, bad boy of wrestling who don't change for anyone.
by Kokane1000 April 27, 2007
Farting on the head of a woman while she is sucking and/or licking your "Guch".Not done for any sexual pleasure,more for the persons own amusement.

If taken to the extreme it may can result in a Tommy Dreamer
"You should have seen her face when I Terry Funk'd her last night"
by Bobeddy August 21, 2006
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