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Unlike many people may think, 'Terrifish' is infact not a fish but a word of great uses. We all know about the sarcastic tone of voice, now there is a word designed to be used for various sarcastic scenarios. 'Terrifish' is formed from the glorious word of 'Terrific' aka 'Good', and the suffix of 'Ish'. 'Ish' basically is the suffix for kind-of (eg: I'm hungryish meaning I could do with a medium-sized turnip burger, however I am far from desperate to eat this medium-sized turnip burger). 'Terrifish' is the sound you make, when sarcastic, when you aren't too thrilled about something... Enjoy!
Sam: We're going to the museum of antique MP3 chargers!
Me: Terrifish...
by Jam19 August 08, 2005
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