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1. N. A twisted mind who comes up with the most obscene, perverted terms and submits them to the UD. The preferred technique of the termvert is to take a term that sounds very harmless by itself (a.k.a., Cleveland Steamer, Frosty the Snowman, Tuscan T-Bone) and subfuse it with the most profane meaning possible.

Note: Termverts were once thought to be confined to bored teen-agers from upper class neighborhoods, but it’s now assumed to have settled mostly with middle-aged men residing in cube farms.

2. Adj. Of, by, or like a termvert.
Tom: I have a new definition for the Urban Dictionary. I call it the Tuscan T-Bone.

Doug (after reading it): Ugh. That’s disgusting.

Tom: Isn’t it awesome? Let’s post it to the UD.

Doug: Great idea. This is the best termvert definition ever.

by oso31 January 14, 2009
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