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Words that Jewish people say that only other Jews know; jewish terminology. Usually deriving from Yiddish
Miriam Goldsteinberg: Did you hear about Lou's kid who just got a tattoo? What a schmuck, he might as well be a goyim. He has to schlep that thing around with him for the rest of his life now.

Rachel Blumenfeld: What a putz, I was schmoozing with his father the other day… what a mensch. He must have gotten it from that meshuggener mother of his. i don't care what my son's shpiel is, no schegetz is ever schmearing ink on him.

Christina McNonjew: Enough with the Terminolojew! I'm trying to stay in this conversation!

Miriam: Oy Vey what a noodge.
by Mon-Star November 04, 2010
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