When you have one bloodshot (red) eye and one normal eye.

The word comes from the Terminator motion picture images/posters/DVD covers, where half of Arnolds face is a robot with a glowing red eye and the other half is human.
John has been working on his computer too long, he's got a terminator eye!
by beefsupreme6 January 10, 2009
Top Definition
When a man pulls out during sex and shoots his cum into a girl's eye. Her eye will turn red. This is in accordance to the orginal movie the Terminator where the villain cuts his eye out, revealing a red eye.
Yo, bitch you've got terminator eye from me shooting my dick snot into your face.

Jordan's girlfriend got terminator eye after he money shot her.

How can I go out when my boyfriend gave me terminator eye?
by BlackShep01 March 20, 2011
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