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The Sweetest Fucking action Movie ever created with an even more kick ass sequal the third is okay in the first film Arnold plays the murderous robot from the Future who travels to 1984 his mission is to Murder a young Sarah Conner before she can give birth to John Conner whos the leader of a futuristic Army that fights the Machines and he sends down one of his men Kyle Reese to Protect his mom then in the second film Arnold the Terminator is the Hero this time he is Reprogrammed to protect John Conner whos became a grown Child and Sarah who went from an inocent young victim lady that we saw in the first film too Terminator killer the Connors are being Pursued by a Prototype Terminator called the T- 1000 wich is more deadlier and then the third film Arnold returns once again as the Termintor who must rerescue John Conner now a young Adult along with his girlfriend and this time its a female Terminator T.X. going after them
Nice night for a walk
come with me if you want to live
I'll be Back
Fuwk you Ausshole
Get out
Hastalavista Baby
chill out Dickwaud
by Admir DeMondo March 03, 2004
When notifying fellow clunge lovers of clear and present clunge approaching of the big boob & big booty curvy variety, whilst at the same time indicating some excellent boobage movement.

Often followed by the theme tune of

'dsh dsh dsh dsh dsh,
dsh dsh dsh dsh dsh'
boobs approaching...Terminator

'dsh dsh dsh dsh dsh'

both look up and notice the excellent boobage/booty heading this way
by Wingnut1982 February 15, 2010
Terminator is the name given to a cute boy with a fantastic smile and a red dot in his eye. Because of his red dot he often has trouble differentiating between people, for example, between Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Nonetheless he is, as his namesick, truly awesome in nature.
Guy1: That guy sure has weird eyes
Guy2: Nah man he's terminator.
by bide84 February 21, 2011
Someone whose job is to assign names to things. Commonly confused with a robot from the future, but that interpretation is wrong because:
term: a name for something
-ator: one who does
terminator- one who assigns names to things
person 1- what's your job
person 2 - I'm a terminator
person 1 - so you're a robot from the future that kills people?
person 2 - no, I assign names to things
person 1 - that's not what that means
person 2 - uh, I would know. Who's the terminator here?
by Mike J Litoris December 08, 2011
A brief text message response with the intent to end an undesired conversation.
Chick was blowing up my phone last night. Had to send her a terminator just to get out of there.
by POMBTTIAR July 10, 2011
N. The overly big sunglasses given out by eye doctors after they have dilated your pupils for an eye exam. N. Name given to the elderly who are frequently seen wearing said glasses in public, but not necessarily after eye exams.
I rear ended some terminators in a buick today. Luckily they didn't have their "plasma rifles in the 40 watt range" with them or I'd be toast.
by Nathan Burns November 08, 2006
The coolest robot ever.
That robot is hard 24/7! I wish I was hard 24/7!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
The last alcoholic drink of an evening. Often preceded and followed by another terminator.
Would you like a terminator?

We'll probably have a few terminators when we get home.
by Mr Kubrick April 06, 2012