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Pronounced tu-kneel

Kind, considerate, color-struck, but has HUGE HEART! This young lady is sassy, prissy, girlie, and cool, BUT don't get it twisted, she can be feisty if need be. Overall, she is a lady who will continue to grow and nurture herself and others. People like her. Her eyes are captivating and those LEGS, dang we wish we could replicate! She is a honest and loyal person and the BEST BESTIE anyone could ask for. Tennille is heaven sent, so that the world could know that behind her pretty brown skin and hard-knock persona, there lies a gifted, smart, funny, cool, diligent, trustworthy, and gentle spirit. She is an unexpected blessing in the midst of the storm. That's my Tennille and there's enough of her to go around, so I'll share!
Unexpectedly, I looked around and there was Tennille putting aside her needs for the needs of others. There she stood in the midst of all our tragedy, standing and waiting patiently, to help us through the rough storm.
by Roro99 August 15, 2010
When your having a psychic premonition that something something totally random is about to happen, and it does.
The other day I had such a Tennille. I was walking in the car park and stopped dead in my tracks when my intuition told me not to move. The next second a runaway shopping cart zoomed past me, missing me by an inch. My Tennille saved my life!
by EllinNet February 04, 2010
a female who feels at home while teaching special ed students at the local elementary school
i feel so tennille here!!

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