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Cutesy pie girl, she's adorable, funny and lovable. Yet doesn't have much self esteem. Skilled in arts and is very creative. Temira's love everyone and everything and are very kind <3
'Temira's so cute.'

'I know right, I want to steal her she's so funny!'
by mpnkijubhyvgtcyfrxde August 12, 2011
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A very cool girl

A Temira is someone who is caring and creative.
she will use her creativity to help other as well

if you have a temira never ever leave her side!

temira is also a varriation of Tamera
see that girl over there?
you know the one thats beautiful, smart, funny, creative, and caring?
ya she's a Temira :)
by Mia Renee August 18, 2011

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