Telstra is so... grrrrr. (See grrrrr)
Don't get Telstra
by sj0r April 28, 2003
Gh3y ISP that offers stupid, over priced plans. Also, has a Games website thats always fuckin down. Did i mention they are all gh3y there..??
I got Telstra adsl, it blows penguins..
by William Ballbags March 20, 2003
Worst ISP in Australia.
Known for artificially rate limiting their ADSL, being a complete pain to deal with, and only existing because it's a monopoly created by the government.
The safest computer is one nto connected to the Internet, that's why I'm connected via Telstra's Bigpond.
#telstra #bigpond #telco #isp #backwards #outdated
by dquixter September 27, 2006
1. The name given to something that takes without giving.

2. An alternative word for evil.

3. Telstra fits with the definition of a physco-path. Complete disinterest in the wellbeing of others. Actively causes other people to suffer to fulfil its own desires.

4. Lawbreaker

5. Liar
The Telstra never returned the promised service but happily took large sums of money.
#evil #liar #greedy #inadequate #physco-path
by Telstra Duped Me February 14, 2008
The reason I'm stuck on dialup. Argh.
If only Tel$tra would spend those millions on upgrading pair-gain phonelines to copperlines instead advertising their crappy ISP, Bigpond.... *sigh*
Tel$tra.. *Shakes fist* Gah.
by Anonymous December 18, 2004
A shitty phone company that causes lag to 90% of australia.
James was talking on ventrilo untill he pulled a telstra and was not heard of for 5 days.
#lag #james #phone #disconnected #shitty
by hatestelstra October 18, 2010
Fucking bad cunts that provide absolute dirt tier Internet.

Australia is fucking shit thanks to them
Hey want to watch a youtube video? Oh wait it wont fucking load cause of bad cunt Telstra.
#bad #telstra #cancer #internet #slow
by Telstra is cancer June 06, 2015
Company that was percieved by geeks to make them cool if they voiced their slanderous opinions about it - about 3 years ago. It's about as impressive as Microsoft-bashing now.
Hey, I hate Telstra, am I cool yet?

(no, you're just a wanker.)
by Chris December 21, 2004
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