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A verb used to describe what a person is doing when he/she is watching television, using the phone, and surfing the internet all at the same time.
Guy: Hey buddy i have a question for you.
Woman: Shut up he's televisiphonernetting
Guy: Thats pretty crucial.
Woman: Yea it is.
by bag o douche August 20, 2007
Using the television, phone, and internet at the same time.
What is Andrew doing?
He is televisiphonernetting
by Koz [KeroSCENE] September 22, 2007
clever piece of marketing by comcast. it highlights being on the phone, online, and watching tv simultaneously. in 2007, this approach targets the bottom of the market to go digital- dial-up is over for the rest of us.

This term is not to be confused with innovative langauage and terminology that originates from the people, this one arrived via commercial dissemination.
yo, dj'you hit that last night?

I televisiphonernetted the heck.

I know that's right.


("televisiphonernetting" is gerund form)
by your-MFbff-jill August 31, 2007

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