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A party game that combines the elements of both Pictionary and Telephone. Every person, while sitting in a circle, receives a drawing utensil and number of pieces of paper equal to the number of people in the circle. Each person then writes a sentence and after 10 seconds, passes their entire stack of papers to their right with the sentence on top. That person then reads the paper and draws a picture of the sentence. After 10 seconds, the person puts the sentence on the bottom of the stack and passes the stack of papers again so that the next person sees the picture and writes a sentence about what they think the picture is. This continues until everyone has their own paper. The chain of sentences/drawings are revealed and there is much laughter and merriment.
"We all started playing Telephary, which would seem really boring, but is actually hilarious when everyone is drunk"
by TheWrangler May 26, 2009
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