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Also known as ICS. An disorder commonly seen when the porn one is downloading is downloading very slowly. The victim tries to contain his horniness by waiting until most of the video is downloaded before watching it, but ends up clicking play every time a few seconds are downloaded. This replicates one's desire to drink the small bit of water forming at the bottom of a glass of ice on a hot day, but knowing that if one waits for a little while, there will be a larger amount of water to quench one's thirst more completely.
"You need to get over your Ice Cube Syndrome. Porn is way better when you can watch it all at once instead of in little choppy segments"
#porn #ics #syndrome #disorder #water
by TheWrangler May 26, 2009
The Juggernaut of all semi-homemade cookies: A peanut butter covered oreo with Reece's Pieces stuck into the peanut butter; the next generation of oreo; the best late-night snack ever.
I was running low on ways to procrastinate from my thesis paper, so when I found that bag of Reece's Pieces, I made like a zillion Juggernutters.
#jugernutter #jugger nutter #peanut butter #oreo #reeces pieces
by TheWrangler May 25, 2009
A party game that combines the elements of both Pictionary and Telephone. Every person, while sitting in a circle, receives a drawing utensil and number of pieces of paper equal to the number of people in the circle. Each person then writes a sentence and after 10 seconds, passes their entire stack of papers to their right with the sentence on top. That person then reads the paper and draws a picture of the sentence. After 10 seconds, the person puts the sentence on the bottom of the stack and passes the stack of papers again so that the next person sees the picture and writes a sentence about what they think the picture is. This continues until everyone has their own paper. The chain of sentences/drawings are revealed and there is much laughter and merriment.
"We all started playing Telephary, which would seem really boring, but is actually hilarious when everyone is drunk"
#party game #telefairy #telephone #pictionary #drunk
by TheWrangler May 26, 2009
The act of insulting someone's music taste by comparing the music they are playing to remarkably terrible music/bands over and over in an obviously taunting manner. This is usually done by the passenger of a car whose owner is playing music.
"Is this Good Charlotte? This bass line sounds just like the one from that Hawthorne Heights song. "OMG! I love the Click Five's new single!"
"Dude, I was cool enough to drive him home yesterday and he totally started DJ Dissing my new emo-punk mix"
#dissing #bashing #music #insult #dj
by TheWrangler May 26, 2009
1) A male who hides his homosexuality by advocating strong conservative views.

2) Someone overcompensating for their sexuality by hating gays a little too much.

3) A baseball player.
"I know it seems crazy because he's sooo against gay marriage, but I'm pretty sure he's a closet conservative"
#closet case #gay #bro #overcompensation #conservative
by TheWrangler May 26, 2009
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