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Detranova is an idiot, he's getting it mixed up with Telepathy, Telkenisis is moving objects, purely by the power of the mind.
Detranova is a stupid gimp.
by Yakenslash February 04, 2004
Yes, this means moving objects, telepathy is reading minds.
so that idiot below the person below ME is a dumbass
In diablo 2 a sorcress use her Telekinetic ability to move and lift objects,
#no clue #emo #meh #eh.. #sorc #barb
by ThatEmoKid October 04, 2005
The Telekinetics are a class of psions who specialize in seeing or hearing thoughts. The Telekinetics are often used as spies, for they can caually listen to any conversation or thought anywhere, anytime.
The Telekinetic hears thoughts and sees lies.
by Detranova August 04, 2003
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