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6 definitions by Yakenslash

Detranova is an idiot, he's getting it mixed up with Telepathy, Telkenisis is moving objects, purely by the power of the mind.
Detranova is a stupid gimp.
by Yakenslash February 04, 2004
One whom is completely absorbed in any mythological nonesense. This is the stereotyped "Dungeons and Dragons" personality. One whom assumes the views of a detranova are usually socially inadequate in the real world, so tend to create their own fantasy world in which they live the illusion that they have power.
I irritated detranova to a point close to spontaneous combustion and he threatened to cast a spell on me if I refused to cease in the mockery.
by Yakenslash February 12, 2004
A real git who thinks he's great, but really he's not.
Detranova is a stupid gimp.
by Yakenslash February 04, 2004
Simply Put, the best band in the world, ever.

Unfortunately they split up, and the lead singer (Chester Bennington) joined Linkin Park and his career went downhill (In terms of the actualy music being put out - not sales)
Chester should leave Linkin Park, get in contact with Sean Dowdell, and re-form Grey Daze
by Yakenslash February 06, 2005
A nice substence to consume.

Supposedly can do lung damage and brain damage, but when you inhale it who cares? It's really good stuff.
Asbestos rules.
by Yakenslash November 16, 2003
A little dork that's rapped with Scribe
P-Money is a useless talentless bastard, much like Scribe
by Yakenslash December 02, 2003