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Once trend, now status quo of spending more virtual time with our fellow human beings than actual face-time.
The act of living through social media, online games, email and text-messages rather than picking up the phone (as initially intended) to CALL another person or as a means to truly "stay in touch" via conversation or to facilitate actual get-togethers or live social events.
A reliance on having numerous online "followers" that staves off loneliness the way a picnic ora good, old-fashioned softball game with friends, acquaintances and family members once did.
Like telecommuTing, a form of attendance and human interaction we can manage from "virtually" anywhere, diminishing the need for proximity with family, friends and coworkers.
"Thanks to telecommuting and telecommuning I never need to leave the house!"
"Ashley is super popular. She telecommunes with her 19,000 closest friends all the time!"
by TheSquidGirl May 23, 2014