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Tejuism is a religion where the god TEJU (also known as TEJA). People of this religion pray to the almighty teju, anybody in other religions is in tejuism, all religion tie up to tejuism the supreme religion of the supreme god, it currently a booming religion with an amazing growth rate, the largest in the world, GOD is among you, in the form of TEJA
Oh almighty teju u are the greatest, go Tejuism, all hail TEJU.
#tejuism #tejaism #teju #teja #tejew
by GOD AM I October 18, 2009
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Tejuism (also known as Tejaism) is a new religion created for who-knows-whatever-reason(s). The one behind it all, claiming to be God, is actually a mortal among us, though whether he is capable of becoming God or not, we will never know. Likewise, the characteristics of Tejuism are unknown to the public; no one truly knows what Tejuians do and how to become one.
Person #1: Join Tejuism.

Person #2:
- huh?
#tejuism #tejaism #teju #teja #tejew
by thetruthhurtsIknow October 19, 2009
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