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A drink created in Colorado which combines Crown Royal Whiskey (1 part)with Dr. Pepper (2 parts). Named for the street in Colorado where in which it was created.
This Teeter Totter tastes great with this steak.
by ZooooomByU December 31, 2008
When a woman wearing high heels has a few too many, and can no longer navigate different types of terrain in her painful, poorly chosen high heels.
"That woman is doing a classic teeter totter," he said, observing her footwear and wobbly posture with equal parts schadenfreude and genuine concern.
by Contemptible Impudence February 11, 2015
someone who fluctuates between the happy and sad
"You're either really happy or really sad,you are such a teeter totter."
by tobee October 16, 2015
When a guy has 2 women and wants to do both he puts a strap on backwards and goes to work
Andrew had to girls so he decided to do a teeter totter rather then hitting them both seperately.
by zbmen April 13, 2010
1. A toy found on a playground.
2. A person who likes to ride the ass of a same sex partner, a faggot.
3. The act of butt-fucking.
1. Lets go play on the teeter totter.
2. That guy is a teeter totter.
3. He wants to teeter totter all over you rectum.
by Brandon B. October 15, 2003
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