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The black tip at the base of a banana fruit. The remnant of female banana flower inside the end of the banana exocarp (skin/peel).
Don't eat the teena, it tastes disgusting!
by Docsology December 09, 2014
A nice and friendly girl who has long hair. She usually likes music, hanging out with her friends, and shopping.
Hey, I met a Teena today at the mall carrying a lot of bags.
by iTurtlexP March 28, 2009
A hot, sexy girl with a mad boyfriend and nice breasts and ass.
"Ooft, Teena's so hectic". "Yea man, I wish my girlfriend was as hot as that".
by Seb_da_leb December 19, 2009
A girl who looks younger than she really is. She is usually very cute, and tends to like guys either a year younger or a year older than her, or guys who are born in December. She has short black hair, and a petite body. She falls in love with great difficulty, and falls OUT of love too easily.
L: Dude, you better be careful, that girl's Teena!
A: Too late, man, I think I already like her.
by Mr. Jello February 21, 2010
another way of saying a teenth or 1/16 of an ounce of bud
couldent get us a teena could ya?
by jack rae April 09, 2008
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