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Very Attractive and Sensual species. Beautiful and Flowy in her ways. Loyal to her loved ones, but not many loved ones around; very picky. MUSCLE LOVIN chick, makes everyone want to be her friend, but very little can achieve it. Usually only has 2-3 best friends and stays loyal till the end. Down for the kill. Not jealous of many, but many jealous of her. Always has the best of everything. Hot and Steaming when mad, may blow a gasket.
When nothing else works, a Teecee always makes it happen.
by trugurl February 12, 2011
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1.The nick name of baseer
2.A nickname many other people have stolen
3.Many meanings such as
Teflon Coated...
Trash Can
Tennis Champion(Jerrell - The King)
4.Also spelled TC

1.Hey whats up Tee Cee?
2.Ay didnt TEFLON who made the song the boot steal Tee Cee's name?
3. Person2:Ha Ha ... Tee Cee Stands for Tennis Champion?
Person1:No it means Teflon Coated
4. TC waz here
by T2DC February 06, 2008
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