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Teddy bear zone is when a man is found inside a territory like the friendzone except the girl only talks to him for emotional reasons. This happens when a girl is in need of a best friend and she settles for one too fast. The man and the woman only talk about feeling and such then go on with their lives. This is why it is the teddy bear zone, the girl simply uses the man as a teddy bear to tell her secrets too. It is even harder to escape than the friendzone. Therefore he is teddy beared
Dude, you're so deep in the friendzone you are gona get teddy beared soon
by alex3798 May 28, 2014
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When using the mystery box in Call of Duty World at War Zamobie Nazis, you receive the Teddy bear as a reward. Which in turn sends the mystery box to another destintion.
Ex1- Aw man you Fucking Teddy Beared it.

Or if u with Brithish people- Aw you fucking yankee wankier you Teddy Beared it!
by Real Ass White Nicca October 27, 2009
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