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A technogeek is a trendy type of geek whom successfully manages to keep up with the developments in the computing and technological world (perhaps even becoming "l337" - leet)whilst also maintaining a decent, or even rather successful social life.
Tom is such a technogeek. His last two girlfriends were hot, too.
by Urban Dictionary November 02, 2005
An individual that embraces specialized technological interests, often at the expense of human relationships.

Technogeeks can generally work with computers at some level, but can be artists, scientists, mathemeticians, or scholars in a variety of fields that rely on technology.
My brother-in-law is a technogeek. He's always sitting at his computer designing something.
by A. Kadmon April 24, 2009
noun. a person obsessed with electronic gadgets.
Bill: My graphics are top quality with my new NVIDIA nForce4 SLI X16 graphics card.
Alex: You're such a techno geek.
by MuscleMan1244 September 10, 2005
1. (n.) A person who is obsessed with technology (mostly electronics).

2. (v.) The act of getting overly excited/stimulated about a piece of technology.
1. The dude who sold me my car stereo was a total techno-geek.

2. I techno-geeked so much over the new quad-cores at the computer store, i almost fainted.
by PerBear June 25, 2008
the best fucking stunter out there no 1 is better than technogeek
"all hail king technogeek"
by bpm February 26, 2005
a well known stunter with a large penis and very good at being a pimp
will you look at the size of that technogeek
by luke December 31, 2004
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