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Techno Dance Party (or TDP) was coined by the coolest soccer team ever known to man kind. TDP's originally consisted of jamming to techno on the school buses after games, terrifying motorists in the process. This then leaked to outsiders. Shirts are optional during TDP's.
Dude 1 "Hey Broski I got some new Basshunter"
Dude 2 "Techno Dance Party?"
by stud21123456234 December 21, 2009
An uppity private school event at which 98% of those attending are totally and completely wasted, shit-faced, and moshing to techno music.
1:Hey, how many people got caught at the techno dance party?
2:Oh, you were removed? Was it because of the techno dance party?
by William Berry February 07, 2009
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