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Tech on - A term used when you totally want to rock out, but are listening to electronic music rather than rock. Similar meaning to rock, rock on, rock out, etc. except that rock is much cooler.

It's also an Asian tech news thing, but the first definition is much cooler.
"Dude, this beat is totally awesome!"
"Tech on!"

"Man, put some trance on, I need to tech out."
#tech #tech on #rock #rock on #music #electronic music #electronica
by Heart Flame June 06, 2007
Technology inspired erection
I told our programmer he could create a new database and he totally got a tech on
#boner #hard on #erection #technology #programming
by glaikery January 27, 2011
an emaciated african-american passion slave who can be purchased for $19.95 from the HSN and dwells in closets/cages. He is only released when his owner's sexual desires are awoken, and he is fed according to his biweekly sexual output.*

*bondage is his specialty.
"My husband is leaving for a business trip tonight; you're going to be a busy boy this weekend, Techon!"
#passion slave #bondage #mail-order bride #lust #african-american
by Tyler Stewart November 19, 2006
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