Noun; A device commonly used to pick up women.
Do ever since I bought that techdeck the ladies are all over me.
by ........123 January 29, 2008
Top Definition
a company that makes tiny skateboards for your fingers. kids use them to then fingerboard, which is like skating, except using your fingers instead of your feet!
Hey man i just landed a double kickflip fakie on my new tech deck!
by m. sherm January 20, 2009
an old company which made miniature sk8boards that you could customize to you liking. They were "The Shit" for a while but became sold-out like blink 182 or AIM
Dude, check out my tech deck, complete with DC wheels and the ELEMENT deck! o yeah I'm the shit...

Dude, you do realize that tech deck is not used anymore...?
by Weasel May 11, 2004
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