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After a long night of drinking, the act of praying to God that you would never drink again while puking into the toilet while also tebowing.
John: Dude, you think we should hold her hair so she doesnt drown in the toilet?

Chris: Nah...while tebowling, she is protected because she is praying to her Lord and Savior while propping her own head. She's good.
by Whitey McRosenski December 20, 2011
After the touchdown of a new year, one kneels to the porcelain god; Puking in the toilet after a night of alcoholic consumption/celebrating.

Reference is to Puking in the toilet while assuming the Tim Tebow (NFL Quarterback for Broncos) famous kneel (after scoring a touchdown he kneels in the endzone to give thanks to God)
I did a little Tebowling after the touchdown of the new year.
by Hi2allpeople January 01, 2012