In the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, when dickless no good noobs camp in corners, or behind various objects that include and are not limited to crates, cars, bushes, trees, rocks, and doors in a crouched position similar to the one Tim Tebow preforms after a win. Made famous by the NYfC clan on the Playstation version of the game.
Man I went 3 and 13 last match. Yeah its because all of the assholes on the other team were tebowing in corners.
by Life_of_Sin_ NYfC January 13, 2012
(gerund) The act of going down on one knee in order to suck God's cock.
Timmy explained, "I'm not praying. In the Gospels, Mark 5:6 clearly says not to pray in public. I'm actually Tebowing. It makes me feel warm inside."
by GreatWhitePope January 17, 2012
The act of conspicuously praying on one knee with a hand to the face.
The girl was tebowing so hard she didn't notice that I'd given her a Dirty Sanchez after the Donkey Punch.
by Madtom2020 December 28, 2011
Dropping to a knee in gracious praise to Allah........all the while stuffing Satan's face with your testicles (see te-bagging).
I was so happy Jesus let me make that putt that I instantly tore off all my clothes, began Tebowing and bounced by big sweaty Christian balls right off Lucifer's supple chin.
by Teboner December 14, 2011
Tebowing is the position one assumes in a bath house, park restroom, stadium or other public setting as a prelude to offer oral sex. The 'tebower' kneels with one knee to the ground then supports their jaw in preparation for lengthy oral sex session they are about to facilitate.
He keeps tebowing but so far only Carlos and Jesus have taken him up on it. I think he wants $5 for every tebow he gives. Oh wow... that was one of the best tebows I've ever had, now bend over.
by Anton Berlin December 15, 2011
A sexual position used frequently in gay male pornography where the recipient kneels on one knee while placing the opposite foot forward in order to allow a better camera view of the penetration. The position is sometimes used (although infrequently) in heterosexual pornography.
During the filming of Leo and Lance, director William Higgins often requested tebowing by star Leo Ford in order to capture the money shot.
by denisclaire December 17, 2011
Assuming Tim Tebow's post-touchdown prayer posture in order to mock the patriarchal system of (a) male resource control, (b) male competition to the point of war and killing to obtain resources rather than being productive (football being a game symbolizing this - and actually representing this in player salaries), (c) male narcissism and pseudo-omnipotence and control represented by a male deity (i.e "God") and (d) female submission and dissociation (except in the home where mother authoritarianism sometimes occurs).
He wanted to have a modern marriage where he would be paid fairly, have a healthy connection with his wife (including a good sex life with her), and have the time to be a good dad to his children so he did some Tebowing to mock the patriarchal system (and those who are tools in it, like Tim Tebow) and show his objection to it.
by Denverite2 December 27, 2011

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