Someone who bends over to tie their shoes and falls asleep. Usually because of concussion symptoms. Also used by fans in denial as an excuse for poor and/or embarrassing performances by athletes (i.e. every Pittsburgh Penguin after the 2013 NHL East Conference Finals).
Hockey Observer: "Sidney Crosby is such a teapot. He fills himself up just to poor himself out."

Hockey Expert: "In 2013, Jerome Iginla famously decided not to go to the Bruins, what a teapot decision."

"That guy is such a teapot."
by Hey Man Dude June 21, 2013
The classic pose adopted by anyone with a tinge of campness around them. It involves a standard one hand on hip and t'other held above the waist and slightly away from the body.
"Rob stop pulling the teapot move, I want to score with that girl over there and you looking all camp and ting"
by Usman June 11, 2007
A short and stout guy that tries to holla at chu.
I was dancing at the club and a fuckin teapot started grinding on the back of my knee. Tipped that mothafucka over.
by 1st Place Bad Bitch November 16, 2012
Ejaculating into a teapot full of tea and serve it to your lover
I teapotted my uncle last week
by The crumpet whistle July 20, 2016
a black person from England. Commonly found to have a SCHTEENY SCHWEENY ie a small cock
mat you are a black tea pot
by c.bone September 19, 2007
When a male dips his nuts in the vagina while masturbating and the shoots his load on the girls face like steam coming out the tea pot
Dude I did the tea pot to my girl friend last night
by mreps1983 January 28, 2011
word used to for anorexia as coined by some patients in psychiatric hospitals.
she's diagnoised with teapot.
by i'm a little teapot January 12, 2011
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