Someone who is or who will be teabagged over Xbox Live. Can be used as an insult to offend someone you're planning to own in a match.
Alex joined the Halo 3 Lone Wolves match "Yo Tea-Pots prepare for some serious Tea Baggage"
by A1EX COUL July 06, 2009
A friend who, although well-meaning, is emotionally unresponsive or incapable of real conversation. Such friends can be nice distractions but usually can't be counted on for anything.
I tried to talk to him about my girlfriend problems, but he's a teapot.
by wolfteeth January 14, 2010
A male whore who gets with any and every girl that will take him usually very egotistical.
Isn't he with Beth?
No, that was yesterday he got with Hannah last night.
Yeah he's such a teapot.
by Lion/of/Destiny July 31, 2010
A nice insult in Russian language for a stupid person. Usually used when referring to a family member or a close friend. While you are calling that person stupid, you still retain the fact of not insulting that person. Can also refer to a person who is been very slow. This is an insult that deliveries the insult, but the person who you are calling teapot can not really get mad at you because teapot is a "nice" sort of insult. However, you are still calling that person stupid or slow, just in a nice way.
Leave that light on, stop been such a teapot.
Oh my god, he is such a teapot.
2+2 is 4 not 5, you are a very teapot person.
by boris|red August 12, 2007
An adolescent or fraternity type prank where one yanks the arm of a man while he is urinating, thus causing him to let go of his penis and urinate in or on his pants. The arm holding the penis represents the tea pot handle. The penis represents the tea pot spout.
Chris gave Pete a Tea Pot after they had been drinking light beer all day. Pete's waistband snapped back and his dick went all the way back in his pants and he pissed in his pants for at least 2 seconds.
by stevofranco September 16, 2011
Noun, Someone who has been fried by so many drugs that they think that they are an inanimate object such as a teapot.
"Dude why is he standing like that?"
"The guys had to much angel dust he thinks hes a teapot."
by Alikiliki March 15, 2008
A magical device that can transform water into a nice tasting drink.
i saw a cat with a teapot on its head attacking helicopters
by afi_al January 08, 2006

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