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In a game which features teabagging frequently online (such as Halo 3), the Teambag is used as the ultimate insult. After one member of the team gets a kill, he then shouts "Teambag" in to his headset, and all players on his team nearby come around and simultaneously teabag the fallen enemies corpse.
Easier when on a smaller map such as Rats Nest or Guardian, as assists are more common so team members will be close by.
"Hey dude there's a guy to your left"
*gets battle rifle headshot*
*All team members run over to the corpse and hammer the left stick before the other team can see what they are doing*
by Roger Workman December 15, 2008
1.) To Teabag one's teammate.
2.) To Teabag the opponent with one's teammate.

Inflected form(s): Teambagged, Teambagging
1.) "I teambagged Johnny after accidentally TK'ing him. Made it hurt alot less."

2.) "Let's go teambag that guy over there! I just no-scoped him in the face!"
by Otamakun July 07, 2009
Team bagging is when you line up your entire squad (team) and everyone takes turns to tea bag your dead foes.
All of MVPclan rubbed there balls on zZzclan's face last night while they were team bagging. Spicywiener double dipped while MaxxJeww potato sacked them.
by MaxxJeww August 04, 2011
When a group of men dunk their scrotums into one man/woman's mouth.
Holy crap, John just got teambagged. I didn't know that many ballsacks could fit in one mouth!
by WACKA WACKA April 04, 2008
When an entire group of people teabag one person.
Joe: Woah, that dude just got teambagged. I didn't know so many penises can fit in one mouth!
by Who's this? April 04, 2008
The act of multiply men t-bagging 1 girl
Prison Mike: Yo Rebbecas passed out on the couch with her mouth open

Nicky Freeze: Tyler, Prison, Anthony, Jon, Woodz , Hung Lu let's team bag this bitch
by Nicky Freeze July 17, 2016
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