a hoe who can get any whenever :)
she is such a teale!
by theneesha February 28, 2005
Top Definition
used to define a beautiful girl.

If your name is Teale, then your most likely a gorgeous, smart, funny person whose always fun to be around. Your also a loving, caring, and considerate person. Your very creative, artistic, and mean the world to those who love you.

You are shy, but once people get to know you, they are immediately caught in your beautiful personality. Your fuckin' amazing!
"Look at her. She's fuckin' amazing!"
"Yeah, I know! That's Teale."
by Teale's beautiful <3 January 12, 2012
bastardised slang meaning a person who is overly greasy. named after the famous british (no-mates) daniel teale.
bugger me!he is well teale!look at that grease!
by toby burgess April 28, 2005
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