An insult referring to someone from the UK
Brit: "I swear on me mom all Americans are fat knobs"
American: "Shut up tea cup faggot"
by Mileyfan2004 March 12, 2014
A female whore who sleeps with every man she sees hoping to get money from them.
Dude I can't belive he's with Cayce she is such a teacup.
by Lion/of/Destiny July 31, 2010
When doing your best gal from behind; have her reach under you and grab hold of your yam bag....but not to toight.
Bruce: "yeah viki, lets do it doggy style"
Viki: "sure"
Bruce "now reach back for that ball bag baby"
Viki "you mean you want a tea cup"
Bruce "oh yeah, now shake my dice till I screem yatzee"

by the Pinky Pig December 07, 2007
The act of someone sneaking up to you while your sleeping and putting your balls into their mouth. It's like teabagging but the opposite.
I woke up during a wet dream with someone "tea cupping "my balls!
by here2fixu May 21, 2010
When someone grabs a fart then releases into someone's face, their hand is usually in the form of a teacup.
He just took a sip of my tea cup.
by Austen the Puerto rican March 30, 2006
A man's genitals. Originated from the Japanese singer Gackt when in an interview, he stated that he enjoyed balancing a teaset on his crotch while taking a shower Matrix style.
Me: So, how's your teacup this evening?
Guy: What the hell are you talking about?
by Random Person from Canada May 30, 2005
Jizzsizzle...a.k.a Graceface. The bestest person i know. She knows how to keep a smile on my face and should be everyone's best friend
Tea cup is the bombdiggity! She is one hella cool dork..hahahaha
by Raymond April 06, 2005

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