The girl that can be your best friend, but a mean person at times. Sometimes you find yourself below her because of her putdowns. She thinks she's lonely all the time cause she's an only child, and thinks wearing neon shoelaces is the shit. She's also very outspoken. Can get annoying. But, in the end, she's somehow still a good friend of yours.
Random Girl: Uhh, i'm just gunna cut in front of you, 'cause I'm cooler.

Dude1: Daang, man, who was dat who just cut chu?

Dude 2: Ohh, dat? Dat was Taylor.
by Lalaoohlala June 20, 2011
Top Definition
An extreamly Good Looking Girl! Blonde Taylor's are the best. They normally have really nice figures and beutiful eyes. She will be really outgoing. She likes to party but not to much.Most taylor's care alot about animals and the enviornment! If you get the chance to kow a taylor honor that her..cherish her! She weill be one of a kind!!!
Dude: look it's Taylor
Dude2:She is Amazing!
by lollypoplover March 27, 2008
Taylor is a absolutley stunning girl with an amazing personality. Shes so funny and always there for you. She is unknown to how beautiful she is. She usually can get just about any guy she wants if she trys. Shes very flirty. Shes a girl you'll have amazing and awesome funny memories with. If you ever find a taylor, hold on to her. Shes always gonna be there for you in the end. Any guy would be so unbelieveably lucky to ever have a taylor in his life. Shes kind and caring and have beautiful eyes. Shes absolutley amazing. She'll be your best friend. Hold on to a taylor in your life if you find one.
guy: have you seen taylor?
guy2: dude yeah, shes smokin hot!
guy: na dude, shes isnt hot.
guy: shes breath taking.
by hellosalutbonjor June 19, 2011
A decent looking girl who is always just one of the guys. Can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Sarcastic and funny yet could get annoying. Resembles a mermaid. Shows little emotion but is truly deep and emotional on the inside.likes to chase the boys but rarely falls in love. Is quite easy to fall for.
Wow she is such a Taylor! I want her on top of me!
by Taylorrerre March 27, 2008
A girl who you mite usually see as a friend but is actually something more. Very trustworthy and caring. Sometimes mite seem like a bitch but when you really get to know them their a great friend. Very beautiful and strong.

Don't make the mistake of loosing them as a friend because you will regret it.
that girls name must be TAYLOR.
by takeabow July 10, 2008
Taylor is the girl you are gonna marry. Though she seemed like a friend, there is something more. She is the one for you. Taylor is intelligent and beautiful and is quite the catch.
Guy 1: Nah, Taylor is just a friend
Guy 2: No dude, she is the one for you. Everyone has practically planned you guys' wedding and you are the only two who don't know it.
by thispersoncannotbenamed January 27, 2009
Taylor, is someone you should care about. Don't use her, or decide to like her for like 5 months then leave her, for someone "better" cause no one is really better. when you find a Taylor, don't let her go, love her, and hold her in your arms as long as you can. a Taylor is usually easy to love, beautiful, and fun. They can be sarcastic a lot, but you will learn to love it. Brunette are usually the best kind of Taylor's.
him: man she's hot
other him: yeah, she must be a Taylor.(:
by blahblahblah.:) March 12, 2010
A hella good time. Can brighten up anyone's day. Can turn an ordinary day into a day you'll never forget. Can be a bitch when she needs to be but is a sweet person when you get to know her. You'd be lucky to be her friend. Partially dirty mind, nice body, cute hair, and beautiful eyes. Love to hang out with friends and just have a good time! You'd be lucky to have a friend like Taylor!!
Boy 1- Is that Taylor?!
Boy 2-Yeah man, she's hot as hell!
by BringIt.513 February 10, 2011
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