The act of having a small, disgruntled black man make a fool of you; usually in front of a large audience.
Shit, my Algebra teacher just totally Taylor Swifted me in front of the class.
by P.ConsuelaBananahammock September 14, 2009
Top Definition
To receive a boost in ratings, sales or moral standing as a result of someone publicly being a cock to you.
Person A: Did you see Conan ripping on Zucker last night?

Person B: Yeah—hilarious! And I never even watched his show before this week.

Person A: Ha— turns out Leno being a diva totally backfired, and now Conan's been Taylor Swifted.
by FMTPO January 15, 2010
a sort of "powned". called out on. rejected. burned.
(girl on a stage rudely inturrupted by a male)
someone in the crowed: ooooo, she just got taylorswifted
by eALEEdawg February 17, 2010
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