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A very wonoderful sexual pleasure!!! No one SHOULD ever try this!! thx
Dwayne ran a
way from a taulanta
by NonOfYoBiznaZzZ September 26, 2003
A great sexual experience with pleasure and EVERYONE should try it!!! GREAT SEX/HEAD!!!!!!!
Preston was walkin down when a girl gave him a Taulanta in public. Than Steven got some from a dog!!!(its not only for humans as well as for animals)
by Steven.B May 16, 2003
The art of manipulating a person in to hard core sex. involving whips, chains, hadncuffs, and knives. Also illegal in many many states.
Me and my ex girlfriend (miranda) did the Taulanta on the kitchen table (this is also illegal in many states)
by Preston May 14, 2003
the sexual action of inserting a knife into one's anal, or vagina... usually causing self harm. Done in the action for pleasure or pain...
"Dude! howd she died?" "she died from a Taulanta!!!"
by Preston May 15, 2003
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