quickest way of spotting a wanker
person 1 to person 2 - i just knew you was a wanker what with those tattoos you have
by bibbleboo September 10, 2010
Ranging as early as 3300 BC the tattoo has been an integral part of religion, faith, history, ranking and art. It doesn't revolve around money regardless of what the general idiocricy populace thinks. Pull out some books and read up.
People who look down upon tattooing need to have my footprint tattooed on their forehead.
Something that no matter how much you want it, you should not get. Eventually you will grow to hate the tattoo that you have, which can only be removed by a very painful process that is also expensive. Unless you're looking to pay thousands of dollars in the future, aswell as endure even more pain than you endured while getting the tattoo.
I feel bad for a person I know that got a Slipknot tattoo.
by whogodhssa September 13, 2009
A mark made on a lark which shows not in the dark.
That tattoo is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life; then decorate my corpse after I'm gone.
by BabyTaylor March 26, 2008
Tattoos are amazing art for the human body. You must be 18 to legally recieve one unless your parents are complete morons and decide to sign for you when you're too young...in which case you'll probably get a dumb-ass tattoo like a hand gun with "187" above it because you think you're a gangster!

Tattoos, for adults who have an actual brain inside their skull, are a way of telling their life story or a way of remembering things or people you love. Getting a tattoo is not something little kids should do because if you're not mature you will get something really stupid that you will regret later in life because you'll then realize that it REALLY IS PERMANENT!!! My tattoos are gorgeous because I was smart...HOPEFULLY someone who's thinking about getting something like a "Gang Tattoo" or a "Butter Knife" on their forearm will read this and remind themselves that maybe what you're thinking of getting just might not be that cool!!
Good example..."WOW, I would love to get tattoos on my back so that I can know it's there but I can also cover it up so that I still have a chance to get a good job!"

Bad example...(15 yr old girl) "I want a tattoo, like, soooo bad!! But my mommy and daddy won't, like, let me get one...so I'm going to, like, get this guy from school I know to, like, put my name, like, REAL big across my stomach but, like, real low so my pants will cover it up so, like, my parents can't find out!!"

(After 15 yr old girl gets tattoo, her smart 18 yr old sister see's it)
(Sister) "WOW"
(15 yr old) "You're, like, soooo jealous, huh??!!"
(Sister) "Of what?? The tattoo that you got some some kid at school who stole his brother's USED tattoo gun? OR the fact that I don't have one on my stomach so when I have children it won't be able to stretch on me, look disgusting and hang down and then never being able to show my stomach again??"
(15 yr old) "Like...BUMMER!!"

by Hedi425 February 05, 2009
21st century uniform requirement.
fuck what my parents say ....when im old enough, Im NOT gonna get a tattoo.
by da Wordman October 30, 2003
another fashion trend among some people thinking they actually have something to say that's both important and permanent.
I have a serious need for coolness and heavily into that scene so I'm going to mark up my body to prove with yet another tattoo since I don't have any other way of communicating my individuality with those around me.
by Joe Young October 20, 2007

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